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Are You Prepared for an Online Course?

Determine your readiness to succeed in an online course by either argeeing or disagreeing with the following 25 statements:

      I am comfortable working with computers   I can reserve 7 to 12 hours per week to work on an online course   I have regular access to a computer with a high-speed connection to the Internet (DSL, cable, or similiar(preferably at home))   I have the necessary computer hardware/software to successfully participate in an online course.   I know how to open and send e-mail messages with attachments   I know how to use a Web browser   I am able to load, download, upgrade, and install software on my computer    I can type at least 30-35 words per minute    I am familiar with a word processing program    I can copy and paste text from one document to another   I can save a file on my computer   I can find and open a file on my computer   I know how to create and how to use file folders on my computer   I am a self-motivated and disciplined learner    I have college-level reading skills    I enjoy expressing my ideas in writing    I prefer to learn independently and rarely need an instructor's guidance or assurances    I can communicate effectively without face-to-face interaction with my classmates or my instructor    I enjoy interacting with others online    I recognize that the requirements for an Internet course are the same or possibly greater than the requirements for a traditional course    I am willing to spend several hours at a time working with my computer   I am willing to contact my instructor when I need help with an online course   I understand that I may have to wait patiently for a response from my instructor to my e-mail messages. The turn-around time is generally within 24 hours on weekdays   I have successfully completed at least two traditional college-level courses   I am confident in my ability to successfully complete an online course

A high number of positive responses should indicate that you have the skills and equipment necessary to succeed in an online course. If you disagreed with 5 or more of the 25 statements, you should consider enrolling in a traditional course

This assessment is based on one developed by Wake Technical Community College. Their help is gratefully acknowledged.