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Understanding Climate Change Today

In the past century, Earth’s average temperature has warmed by one degree Fahrenheit. What sort of difference has a degree made to our planet? How will projected future warming impact our environment and the way we live? Through this course, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the impacts of global change, those that we can see evidence of today, and those that are predicted for the future. We will explore how climate models are developed and used to understand likely scenarios of future climate and how current scientific research is improving the quality of climate predictions.


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What is an NCAR Online Education course?

The online courses, instructed by science education specialists incorporate information about state-of-the-art research and modeling efforts of nationally renowned climate scientists with classroom tested science inquiry activities. The online course experience features a high level of interactivity, tools for assessment , and effective community-building interactive technologies. We encourage educators to tailor, design, and immediately apply their learning to the task of enriching their standards-aligned science curriculum for the benefit of all levels of students. The Climate Discovery courses include:

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