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Earth System Science: A Climate Change Perspective

Global climate is influenced by many different components of our planet, from small things, like aerosol particles in the atmosphere and fertilizer, to big things, like erupting volcanoes and ocean circulation. Because so many different things affect climate, it is an excellent example of how Earth is an interconnected system. This online course explores Earth as a system from the perspective of climate and global change, describing the interactions between the various parts of the Earth system, including human activities, and how they all affect our climate. 


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This course is the first part of Climate Discovery, a series of six-week courses for middle and high school educators. The course offerings include:

What is an NCAR Online Education course?

The online courses, instructed by science education specialists incorporate information about state-of-the-art research and modeling efforts of nationally renowned climate scientists with classroom tested science inquiry activities. The online course experience features a high level of interactivity, tools for assessment , and effective community-building interactive technologies. We encourage teachers to tailor design and immediately apply their learning to the task of enriching their standards-aligned science curriculum for the benefit of all levels of students.

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